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[VIDEO] Giant Crane Lifts 2 Million Lbs. of Concrete and Steel

Posted by Tim Murphy on 12 PM

I'm not impressed easily these days but when you see something like this it's really amazing what we can accomplish. 

First a little background on what's going on in the video using a series of massive shackles, spreader bars and crane ropes this behemoth of a crane moves a whole module of a nuclear power plant weighing in at 1,000 tons.

Georgia Power announced today the completion of another major milestone in the construction of Plant Vogtle Units 3 and 4 near Waynesboro, Ga. On Saturday, the project team successfully placed the CA20 module into the Unit 4 nuclear island. Weighing nearly two million pounds, or 1,000 tons, and towering more than five stories tall, the module is the heaviest lift at the project so far this year. With a footprint of approximately 67 feet long by 47 feet wide, the critical module will house various plant components, including the used fuel storage area. It was lifted into place using a 560-foot tall heavy lift derrick, one of the largest cranes in the world.

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Tips for Proper Use of Rigging Equipment

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

Rigging Equipment is vital for handling jobs that involve lifting. It is essential for anyone working with rigging to take extra safety measures. Improper use can lead to serious injury and even death.

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Load Securing Tie Down Straps That Keep Your Cargo Safe & Secure

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

Tie Down Straps are used for cargo securement on trucks & railcars, both flatbed and box, cars & trailers. These straps are commonly fabricated from Polyester Flat Webbing designed for the Transportation Tie Down application. Webbing for this use is woven in 1” through 4” widths. Heaviest application using 3” or 4” webbing will mount “winches” along frame or bed rails to store and tension the straps. Other applications use a Ratchet Tie Down Strap Assembly. These assemblies come made to length, complete with hook or link both ends, webbing and a ratchet to tension the web applied to the assembly securing the load.


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[Amazing video] - Oil Rig Washes Aground on Scotland Shore.

Posted by Tim Murphy on 12 PM

Wow what a sight ... imagine waking up, having your morning cup of coffee and seeing this out your front window. Watch the video on the post - it's pretty amazing that the rig just washed up on the rocks ...

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Scientist Find 3 Planets That Could Support Life

Posted by Tim Murphy on 8 AM

The Unique, The Interesting and The Productive - The Latest Murphy Letter 

Scientists find 3 Earth-sized planets that may support life
Scientists have found three planets about the size of Earth that may be able to support life.
As the video shows, the planets orbit an "ultracool dwarf," a star much smaller and cooler than the sun, but still possibly warm enough to allow for liquid water on the surfaces of at least two of the planets.
The planets have a "winning combination" of being Earth-sized, potentially habitable and well-suited for atmospheric studies, making them "the first opportunities to find chemical traces of life outside our solar system," study co-author Julien de Wit told CNBC in an email.
The team published its findings Monday in the peer-reviewed journal, Nature.
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Murphy Wins BBB Award for Excellence... AGAIN!

Posted by Tim Murphy on 2 PM

We work hard at putting our customers first and finally were recognized for it... AGAIN ... that's 2 years in a row!

Here at Murphy Industrial Products it doesn't matter if you buy one item or 100 we treat all our customers like they are #1. 

The Better Business Bureau Education Foundation honored BBB Accredited Businesses and Charity Partners that maintain a superior commitment to ethics, overall excellence, and quality in the workplace at the 2016 Awards for Excellence event. Detailed information about the event and winners can be found on the BBB’s website at www.bbbhouston.org.  This year Murphy industrial Prodcuts was recoginized at the Better Business Bureau 24rd Awards for Excellence.

Heres a quick photo of our awards.

2015 & 2016 BBB Excellence Award.


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