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Try Something New This Year!

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

It's a new year lets mix things up a bit ...

If you are like most people, setting goals doesn’t work very well.

Statistically, most people have forgotten their goals by late January.

You could try something different this year…


Instead, you could decide to SOLVE A PROBLEM.

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Rigging Supplies: New Model Speeds Delivery, Selection

Posted by Tim Murphy on 9 AM

Meeting construction deadlines and reducing downtime are critical whether the job site is a high-rise building or a highway infrastructure project. To safely and efficiently move heavy equipment and building supplies across the worksite requires not only cranes but also a variety of specialty lifting, pulling and tie-down products to control and secure the load.

At any time, progress on a construction project can come to a grinding halt when something unplanned occurs. For instance, a piece of equipment may need to be installed, repaired, or replaced — and specific equipment, such as a crane sling of a certain type, dimension, or construction must be available immediately to get the job done. 

More frequently, purchasing rigging equipment is left to the last minute, often because it is an afterthought, or because it is unclear what specifications the rigging requires for the job. Nevertheless, with the project deadline looming, site supervisors cannot waste time querying suppliers that cannot deliver the goods right away.

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Select the Right Ratchet Tiedown Straps for Your Application

Posted by Tim Murphy on 4 PM

Choosing the right Ratchet Tiedown Straps(ratchet straps) for your application is extremely important. This selection is especially important when searching for best ratchet straps for heavy cargo; you want the best straps for your specific application and the type of loads involved.

Ratchet straps are used by many industries, as well as tiedowns for different types of cargo. When choosing straps, you also want to consider the different modes of transportation, as well as specific challenges. For instance, goods can be transported by truck, ship, air carrier, railway, and so on. In addition, sometimes cargo is exposed to the elements and high temperatures, which creates unique challenges. This is why it is so critical to choose the best straps for your situation.

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Choose the Right Rigging Equipment

Posted by Tim Murphy on 4 PM

When comparing your options for Rigging Equipment, it is important to choose equipment that will get the job done in a safe manner. Using the wrong rigging components is a recipe for disaster. With the right information, you will have no problem selecting the right equipment for a job while dramatically reducing risk to property and people.


Unfortunately, many companies do not possess the required knowledge about rigging equipment. This makes the selection process a major challenge. Between a chain sling, wire rope sling, and other options, it is easy to get confused and feel overwhelmed. Especially for heavy-duty lifting, it is critical that you know the differences between the various options for rigging supplies.

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D-Rings for Cargo Control

Posted by Tim Murphy on 4 PM

D-rings are used to ensure the safe securement of cargo during transport. The name of these rings comes from the fact that they are shaped like the letter “D.” For Cargo Control, D-rings are used in conjunction with and as part of various types of tie-downs. When cargo is tied down with ratchets, chains, straps, D-rings, and other equipment keep everything secure eliminating the occurrence of a catastrophic release of the cargo.

 Without question, cargo control is essential for transportation companies. These companies are responsible for moving all kinds of items where secure cargo is imperative.

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Flat Web Eye and Eye Slings Are Used for Lifting & Pulling

Posted by Tim Murphy on 3 PM

Eye and eye (E/E) slings can be used in vertical, choker, and basket hitches; they offer extreme versatility. The design includes a flat loop eye on each end. These nylon & polyester slings are often referred by many names, including eye and eye sling.

When discussing this type of synthetic flat web lifting sling, the term references the end loops on the sling itself. Two primary types of eyes exist, one flat and the other twisted. 

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