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Customer shares experience with Murphy Products

Posted by Tim Murphy on 1 PM

One of our customers just sent us some photos of them using our products to lift a 2,300 lb. gate valve. Pretty cool to have your customers take time out of their day to email you. 

Shackles and hooks set and ready to go ..

Time to lift and place ...

Thanks for sharing John!


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Cutting Shipping Cost Dramatically with More Durable, Collapsible IBCs

Posted by Tim Murphy on 3 PM

Reusable crates can be shipped thousands of times and avoid the high cost of traditional single-use containers

IBCs (International Bulk Containers) have long been utilized for storing and transporting bulk liquids and powders. Considered more durable than cardboard boxes or wood pallets and containers, yet smaller and easier to manage than shipping containers, these intermediate-sized options are ideal for bulky or heavy items. Even within the IBC category, however, there are many container options based on type of material (wood, plastic, tubular steel, aluminum or steel) as well as types (rigid, folding and flexible).

With so many choices, carving out a niche can be difficult, but that is the case with new options in collapsible, reusable IBC containers made of galvanized steel.

Having none of the disadvantages of wood and with more durability than plastic alternatives, these containers supply more durability and longevity over thousands of trips in closed or open loop systems.

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Simultaneous vs Incremental

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

Most of us have been trained to operate incrementally.

Do one thing and then move on to the next thing

and so on and so on….

This is a very linear way of thinking. 

It seems logical doesn’t it?

However there is another concept that you may want to consider …

Instead of accomplishing things incrementally - You could take on a simultaneous mindset.

This is the mindset of people who are serious about accomplishment. 

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Murphy Now Has Pad Eye Lifting Lugs

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 PM

Murphy now has added Forged Heavy Duty Pad Eyes, “OFF THE SHELF” to our product line up. These Weld-on Pad Eyes are used on steel products to create an immediate welded on attachment point for lifting, securing or general moving equipment around.

Clean, simple design takes up little space. Our Pad Eyes come with a precise hole to allow correct shackle pin to fit securely in place with proper load rating.   Rating information is forged into the Pad Eye. In Stock Ship within 1-2 days.


Product Working Load Limits.

1/2 Ton, 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton,  4.75 Ton, 6.5 Ton

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Have you ever heard of the “Putting Points on the Board Method?"

Posted by Tim Murphy on 12 PM

It is a technique to help you get going and observe what you are doing in order to accomplish and end result.

Instead of just writing down your goals and relying on your good intentions - you turn it into a process and a measurable system.

Here is the way it works … it is incredibly simple.

#1. Define what it is that you want to accomplish.

#2. Each day, record the meaningful actions you took that will cause the desired result.

#3. At the end of the week - summarize all that you did to “put points on the board” towards the desired result.

#4. At the end of the month review the actions and measure the end result.    

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Try Something New This Year!

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

It's a new year lets mix things up a bit ...

If you are like most people, setting goals doesn’t work very well.

Statistically, most people have forgotten their goals by late January.

You could try something different this year…


Instead, you could decide to SOLVE A PROBLEM.

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