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Factors for Selecting the Appropriate Wire Rope

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

When choosing the right type of Wire Rope, you need to consider a number of factors to ensure optimal performance and safety, as well as extend the life of the rope. For example, there are 7 characteristics of wire rope, design characteristics to help you select the wire rope to give you the optimum safety and service life for your wire rope:

  • Strength
  • Resistance to fatigue
  • Bendability
  • Resistance to crushing
  • Resistance to Metal Loss & Deformation
  • Resistance to Rotation
  • Corrosion Resistance
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Know the Difference Between Chain Grades

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

If you are in the market for a new chain, you should learn the difference between the various grades. For example, you will find distinct differences between a grade 70 chain and grade 120 chain. Chains are designed for many purposes, so knowing what each grade means will help you choose the product that works best but is also the safest.

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Consider Lifting Hoists to Ease Your Job

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

Lifting is one of the most common actions that people perform on a daily basis. When thinking about daily activities, you will see that a lot of lifting that involves moving objects is done. While some objects are lightweight, making them easy to lift, others are extremely heavy and difficult to lift. For heavy objects, many people rely on lifting hoists.

Designed to move a heavy object easily without putting a great deal of strain on muscles in the back and arms, lifting hoists are incredible. Although this type of equipment has a relatively simple design, it is capable of performing great feats. Instead of struggling unnecessarily, you can let a hoist perform the work on your behalf.

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Load Binders – Essential for Securement – Choose Correctly

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

When using tiedown chains to transport cargo in or on your vehicle, Load Binders are necessary to maintain a secure load. Without a Load Binder, your cargo would not stay in place. Load Binders are strong and durable, are available in a number of styles and are sized to match the chain that you are using.


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[VIDEO & NEW PRODUCT] - Ratchetech Wrenches

Posted by Tim Murphy on 9 AM

Meet the only wrench set you'll ever want to use 

Murphy has just added these incredible wrenches to our inventory. They work in the tightest spaces and will save you time and energy. This wrenches make life a lot easier. Trust me I've used them and they rock!!!

Watch the video below to see it in action.



Order Your SAE Set Today

Order Your Metric Set Today

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Advantages of Chain Slings over Other Types of Slings

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

Advantages of Chain Slings vs. Slings fabricated from Other Approved Materials



  • Resist crushing, kinking, impact, cuts & abrasions
  • Resist chemicals & UV radiation (Synthetic & Wire Rope damaged by certain Chemicals, Synthetic damaged by UV)
  • Not adversely effected by oily or dirty environments
  • Can withstand -40ºF thru 400ºF with no WLL (Working Load Limit) reduction. Can be used above 400ºF, consult manufacturer for WLL reduction. Synthetic max 194ºF, Wire Rope max 400ºF.
  • Minimum Elongation under load.
  • Long Service Life compared to other Slings.

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