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What Are the 3 Basic Components of a Standard Wire Rope Design?

Posted by Tim Murphy on 8 AM

Used for suspension and hoisting, a standard wire rope has three basic components. This type of rope has one or more strands, which spiral around a steel or fiber core. Most common of wire ropes have six strands. The components vary in both configuration and complexity. For that reason, the manufacturer can produce ropes for different purposes and with specific characteristics.

The three components of a wire rope include wires, strands, and the core. Depending on the use and customer specifications, these ropes are made from stainless steel, iron, steel, bronze, Monel metal, and high-carbon steel, with the latter being the most widely used. The ropes are also available in grades, each with unique properties that relate to the basic curve.

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Choose the Correct Tie Down Straps to Secure Your Cargo

Posted by Tim Murphy on 4 PM

Tie Down Straps are used for cargo securement on trucks & railcars, both flatbed and box, cars & trailers. These straps are commonly fabricated from Polyester Flat Webbing designed for the Transportation Tie Down application. Webbing for this use is woven in 1” through 4” widths. Heaviest application using 3” or 4” webbing will mount “winches” along frame or bed rails to store and tension the straps. Other applications use a Ratchet Tie Down Strap Assembly. These assemblies come made to length, complete with hook or link both ends, webbing and a ratchet to tension the web applied to the assembly securing the load.

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Posted by Tim Murphy on 11 AM


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Correct Shackle for Your Lifting Sling

Posted by Tim Murphy on 9 AM

It is imperative to select the right shackle for your lifting sling. In addition to making lifting easier, this enhances overall safety. The decision depends on two things, checking recommendations from the sling manufacturer and using a little bit of common sense.

The Right Lifting Sling

First obtain the right lifting sling for your requirements. 

You will need to know what type items you are moving, weights of the items, and other pertinent information. Slings are used, not only for lifting, but also pulling and holding loads. 

Typically, slings are made of chain, wire rope, or synthetic ropes, synthetic web and other synthetic fiber configurations.  If you are unsure of which sling type is best for your application, contact us at sameday@murphyindustrialproducts.com

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General Practices for a Lifting Hoist

Posted by Tim Murphy on 4 PM

When it comes to lifting hoists, there are certain practices to follow. When using a hoist, there is an operator and, in some instances, a designated leader and/or a signaler. Everyone involved must understand the procedural steps for both the control and execution of hoisting activities. The operator of a lifting hoist must be familiar with the characteristics of the equipment as well as understand and follow all safety rules.

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Factors for Selecting the Appropriate Wire Rope

Posted by Tim Murphy on 10 AM

When choosing the right type of Wire Rope, you need to consider a number of factors to ensure optimal performance and safety, as well as extend the life of the rope. For example, there are 7 characteristics of wire rope, design characteristics to help you select the wire rope to give you the optimum safety and service life for your wire rope:

  • Strength
  • Resistance to fatigue
  • Bendability
  • Resistance to crushing
  • Resistance to Metal Loss & Deformation
  • Resistance to Rotation
  • Corrosion Resistance
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